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          The Power of You! Training            What People are Saying... 

96% of all prior program attendees voted this seminar as the best training they have ever attended!!

A Few of our Previous Clients...

Delaware Health & Social Services

Delaware Dept. of Agriculture

Wells-Fargo Bank

Del-Tech Community College

   Is your organization looking to...

Reduce employee turnover?
Increase employee morale?
Improve workplace dynamics?
Enhance customer service delivery?

The Power of You! Training Workshop

  According to a recent Gallup poll, up to 93% of today's global workforce is disengaged costing businesses in excess of $12B annually. See why 96% of prior program attendees consider this course to be the best training they have ever attended on this topic!

The Power of You! is an original and dynamic Training Workshop where learners are introduced to the (8) principles of personal leadership. Through the use of interactive lecture, lively activities, problem-solving scenarios, and rich discussion, learners are reminded of the power they possess to positively impact internal and external customers, and to better understand the value that they bring to the workplace. This course also discusses some practical ways to achieve personal and occupational life balance to maximize overall effectiveness. Core Leadership Behaviors and top reasons why you don’t need a title to be a leader will also be presented. This program is a must-see for organizations or individuals seeking improvement in the areas of employee morale, motivation, and workplace engagement. 

Watch The Power of You! Trailer

Here's an idea of what a Power of You! Training is like! We can deliver this workshop on or offsite based on your organizational needs! Find out for yourself why this training continues to receive rave reviews!

Our Services

Employee Engagement 

We can help organizations to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover by introducing core leadership behaviors to  encourage personal accountability and  empowerment.


Workplace Culture Assessment

 We are able to provide onsite analysis/consultation to assist  organizations seeking culture change management  outcomes to increase  employee morale and engagement.

Leadership Effectiveness

We can help your organization to increase leadership effectiveness in managing stress, working well w/others, conquering low employee morale, and transforming  a toxic workplace into a high performing operation. 

Consultation & Executive Coaching

Let us collaborate with your executive leadership team  to more clearly assess and identify workplace culture nuances and any obstacles to achieving employee engagement, increased morale, and improved performance and overall workplace productivity.

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