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Nautical LeaderSHIP

 Leading Yourself and Others Well       

Created By Rudy Bailey
Nautical Rope

Nautical LeaderSHIP 

Nautical LeaderSHIP is a fully immersive training workshop  for frontline to senior level leaders on how to adapt to the seismic shifts taking place in today's workplace. The waves of employee turnover, low morale, and sinking trust are just a few of the iconic themes that this course pinpoints.  This training introduces 4-navigational coordinates using the SHIP moniker of STEERING, HONING, INFLUENCING, and PROVIDING to help leaders effectively captain the voyage and keep the organization's mission afloat.  Ultimately, this training course focuses on the ways in which leaders can enhance their leadership capabilities while addressing these changes with resilience and a strategic mindset.

Nautical LeaderSHIP Learning Objectives

"I can’t recommend Rudy’s Nautical LeaderSHIP course enough for any organization trying to boost their leadership prowess. As a military officer leading a 300+ person organization, I was blown away by the immersive atmosphere, the personal anecdotes attached to each domain of the LeaderSHIP model, and finally the genuine authenticity with which it was delivered. The creative and engaging atmosphere is unlike any other leadership training I’ve ever received. I am a more humble, credible, and approachable leader thanks to the Nautical LeaderSHIP principles I learned during this seminar!"

K. Eddy, Captain, USAF

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